Board of Directors

The Sisterhood Connection Foundation
Board and Membership

Sisterhood Connection Foundation Membership

Board of Officers:

Cindi Kerber-Battisti                        Chairman

Eileen Riffel                                        Vice Chairman

Alice Klies                                           Secretary

Ginny Rench                                       Treasurer


Board of Directors and Honorary Board Membership:

Maureen Carlson                               Historian and Northern Arizona Hospice Liaison

Brenda Man-Fletcher                       2019 Women of the Year and Social Media

Diane Joens                                        Former Mayor of Cottonwood and Public Relation Director

Rebecca Riffel                                    2016 Women of the Year and Main Stage Liaison

Sheila Van Rixel                                 Sisterhood Connection Foundation Advisor

Peggy Manley-Sing                           Special Events

Shondra Jepperson                          2018 Women of the Year

Tom Coultas                                       Women of the Year Consultant

Dennise Rosen                                  2018 Women of the Year and Website

Jack Van Rixel                                   Sisterhood Connection Foundation Advisor

Carol Durkalec                                  2019 Women of the Year and Northern Arizona Hospice

Wendy Knight                                   Northern Arizona Hospice

Debbie Maggard                             Northern Arizona Hospice

Claudia Schwisow                           Northern Arizona Hospice