Winter 2021 Newsletter

2019 Recap

In October, the Sisterhood Connection Foundation presented the Northern Arizona Hospice/Hospice Promise Foundation with the proceeds of the Cowboys and Angels Benefit in the amount of $10,000.

In July we presented a check for $8000.00 “Funds for Christopher”. Christopher is an 8-year-old boy who is a high-risk runner with autism. The funds were matched by other private donors to purchase a trained service dog named Charlie. The Sisterhood Connection Foundation sponsored a picnic at the Main Stage with several members and guests for the presentation.

2018 Recap

Last year, in 2018, our successful events generously donated to the Northern Arizona Hospice/Hospice Promise Foundation and created an ongoing Sisterhood Connection and Hospice partnership. We also donated 100 non-slip booties to the Verde Valley Caregivers, along with a cash donation of $500.00 to the Verde Valley Children’s Fund. Local homeless shelters received 100 hats, mittens and scarves. This was all possible through your generous hearts and contributions.

We are hoping you will consider making a donation by sponsoring an event in your 2019 charitable budget. By giving to the Sisterhood Connection Foundation you will help us accomplish our goals. The Sisterhood Connection Foundation will continuously outreach to those in need.

For additional information please contact Cindi Battisti at cindib@SisterhoodConnectionFoundation.org.

Thank you

The Sisterhood Connection Foundation INC