Butterfly Effect

Proudly we are introducing the Butterfly Effect Program under the Sisterhood Umbrella.

A women’s shelter, also known as a women’s refuge and battered women’s shelter, is a place of temporary protection and support for women escaping domestic violence and abusive environments.

Women who seek refuge at shelters receive support through counseling and legal guidance. These remarkable strong women regain their sense of empowerment to go forward to create a new life.

The Sisterhood Connection Foundation created The Butterfly Effect in loving memory of Maureen Carlson who through her loving support and dedication to the Sisterhood Connection Foundation. Maureen always extend a helping hand to those in need. Her vision was by empowering those with hope and by believing in yourself you are capable of anything.

Much like the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, these women have transformed their lives. Their journey has been a long and emotional journey with continued healing. By empowering women who are recovering from domestic violence they regain their identity and sense of freedom, they transform into strong independent women.

The Sisterhood Connection Foundation recognizes a need in the community for safe housing for women in transition from a shelter. This is a housing program that needs community support through city government, grants, and private donations.

As a branch of the Sisterhood Connection Foundation, The Butterfly Effect currently can work with the shelters to help provide essentials for their homes, by providing furnishings and home accessories to ease their journey in a new home.

We will be actively collecting new and gently used furnishings as well as proactive with the city government for affordable housing availability. Contact Rosie Treacy at rosemarytreacy@sisterhoodconnectionfoundation.org or 1 442-888-4232 Program Director.