Current Projects

Book Binding Project

For a number of years, the libraries have received a limited budget of $700 annually for new and replacement books and materials plus $200 annually for book repair.  This is a losing battle for the libraries as upwards of 1,600 students learn from these materials.  This issue will only be solved by winning grants over a multi-year period which we intend to help with.  In the meantime, books need to be repaired to extend their life.

We are raising funds in the amount of $5,600 to buy 4 bookbinding machines and their associated supplies.

Here is the website and a video for the bookbinding machines:

Past Projects

This project is to increase the number of DVDs available in the libraries. We are looking for educational and children’s movies. Teachers use the movies and motivator/rewards if their class makes the weekly goal. They get to watch a movie! The schools do not have good enough WIFI bandwidth to stream. Most of their existing educational DVDs are very dated, i.e., Bill Nye the Science Guy.

This project will consist of recycling home educational or age-appropriate DVDs. Collection point will be at the Sisterhood Connection Booth at the Verde Valley Fair Fall Festival on October 29th and 30th. Start recycling those DVDs today!

Don’t have any DVDs to recycle? Support this project with your donation.

Recap: Well Team, once again with your great support we all made a significant difference in our Verde Valley Libraries!!!

It was great to watch the Sisters and Librarians buddy through the stacks of 1500 DVDs, conversing, searching, and having a good time! Every librarian expressed their appreciation and took bins and boxes full of DVDs for our students to benefit from!

We are a mighty bunch that makes a difference, thank you all for your effort and support for the Kids DVD Project!   ~Tom Coultas

DVD Examples:


We completed the 2 projects for the Cottonwood-Oak Creek Elementary School Libraries! 

1) We are building 6 wood carts for the four libraries. The cost to purchase is excessive! DONE!
2) We are reupholstering the Dr. Daniel Bright Library reading chair (can you imagine the thousands of stories read in this chair!) DONE!