Sheila’s Sunflowers

Sheila’s Sunflowers, named in honoring Sheila Howard, is the Sisterhood Connection Foundation program developed for Foster Children and Homeless Children in the Verde Valley School Districts.

Sheila Howard believed in empowering children through education, self-worth and love then dreams are attainable.

Learning of the increasing homeless student population and the lack of funding for foster children’s needs, the Sisterhood Connection Foundation holds an ongoing drive of weekender suitcases and backpacks filled with essentials and gift cards for gas laundry, etc., donated by the community.

Usually, foster children leaving their homes are in a domestic situation and cannot bring their belongings other than what they are wearing and or what they can gather in a paper bag. These children have lost their sense of self-worth and are very confused.

We learned of homeless students who either “sofa surf” or live in their cars and even tents, continue their education in the local high schools in hopes of a better life. Not only do these students go to school, but they also have part-time jobs.

We believe that providing a weekender suitcase or backpack establishes ownership of their belongings to the child.

“No child should ever live out of a paper bag,” Kim Demoney, Sister and Educator.

Donations accepted on our website

Weekender Suitcases, Backpacks, and Duffel Bags for Foster Children and Homeless Children in need

 The Sisterhood Connection Foundation will be collecting weekend suitcases, duffle bags, and backpacks for foster children and homeless children. Small supplies of essentials they may need in transition, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, etc., are also welcomed.

 Drop off locations:

Sisterhood Connection Foundation-1631 Mingus Ave Cottonwood

Mountain View Methodist Church 901 S. 12th Street Cottonwood

Verde Valley Fairgrounds Office 800 E. Cherry Street Cottonwood

 For further information please contact:

Trish Hansen or Kim Demoney at